How PAINcakes are MADE (TX, USA)

How PAINcakes are MADE (TX, USA)

Here at American Ruck, we strive to make functional equipment for delicious gains. The patent-pending Ruck PAINcake is the result of that mission.

It is also the manifestation of a long felt, unmet need among ruckers and fitness enthusiasts that want multipurpose equipment which isn't just dead weight sitting in a bag or laying in a trunk. We want our gear to be USEFUL.

This video is to show you how much work and how many people are required in the background just to bring something to the foreground. It is with immense humility and gratitude we share this with you for supporting us to bring something truly transformative to market.

DETAILS: The Ruck PAINcake is a multi-purpose fitness system designed to comfortably fit in a backpack or rucksack for rucking* while allowing easy access to be removed and used as a customizable apparatus for working out and facilitating exercises traditionally** impossible or reserved only for kettlebells or dumbbells. Our PAINcake is designed to significantly augment the number of exercises available to a practitioner who conducts fitness outdoors.

*Rucking – or hiking with weight – typically requires a backpack, a specialized rucksack or vest in order to intentionally increase the weight of a practitioner and allow them to build muscle, lose fat and increase stamina. It is easier on the knees than running but adds a level of difficulty to walking.

**Traditional ruck weights are just pieces of metal with handles on them to put in and out of a backpack and do not have handles or utility in mind to be used for anything else other than increasing weight.

Manufacturer: American Ruck™

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