About Us

We're 4 friends based in Austin, TX 

…who, in mid-2021, decided to scratch our own itch and create fitness gear designed for the great outdoors not just because we love to use it, but because we realized it brought us together in stronger fellowship and brotherhood.

Not too long ago, we were the kind of guys who grew comfortable hiding. Driving past opportunities for connection like passing billboards at 100mph. Creating a self everyone would admire and no one would know. 

BUT in reaching out for help -- in being REAL and honest about our pain and scars, we found fellowship. We got humbled by men and women who were trustworthy and willing to listen. 

And by following their lead, we purposed to become the kind of men that we could respect. 

We discovered TRUST is built in community! Particularly the kind of community that looks like doing real life together. Going for a walk, a hike or a ruck and sharing our story. Doing outdoor workouts together before the stressors of our daily lives kick in.

Trust isn’t built over an obligatory coffee. Or on a hurried lunch break. Or watching football together in silence. 

Trust is built in co-suffering, whether that be experiencing it, sharing it or putting ourselves in another’s shoes and just listening.

By living this way, we’re living the dream of building stronger communities AND creating useful equipment that doesn’t have a supply chain that’s all over the map. It’s just right here in Texas, USA, and that’s good enough for us.

2 of us are Vets from Afghanistan and Iraq who came back with scars both mental and physical.

The other 2 are civilians in addiction recovery programs, also working to address wounds and make amends in the process to the people we love.

This is our American Ruck™️ story!