Monthly on Saturdays in 2024! Just reach out in advance to our contact page for details.

Rain OR shine!

6-7:30 AM CST

Downtown Austin, TX

Starting under the S. 1st St. Bridge

4.25 mile loop + breakfast πŸ˜‹

Open to ALL

FREE parking

RUCK & PAINcakes! Rucking is hiking with weight and is the best fellowship you'll get all week. Come ruck (or walk) 4.25 miles with us around Zilker Park! Every Saturday in 2023. Free & open to all. Te

What to Bring:
  • - Rucksack, backpack or weight vest (optional)
  • - 20lbs (if you are <150lbs) OR 30lbs (if you are >150lbs) (optional)
  • - Water
  • - Tennis shoes or boots