Veterans & Americans

Our Brand Commitment to Veterans & American Civilians

There are 4 original members of our founding team.

2 of them are Vets from Afghanistan and Iraq who came back with scars both mental and physical (and a Purple Heart).

The other 2 are civilians in addiction recovery programs, also working to address wounds both mental and physical, and make amends in the process.

We know what it’s like to suppress pain that seems too dark to share. Driving past opportunities for connection like passing billboards at 100mph. Creating a self everyone will admire and no one would know.

Some of us almost lost our marriages and our will to live.

BUT in reaching out for help -- in being REAL and honest about our pain and scars, we found fellowship. We got humbled by men and women who were trustworthy and willing to listen.

And by following their lead, we purposed to become the kind of people that we could respect.

WE COMMIT to always giving a portion of every dollar to Veteran and civilian suicide awareness and addiction recovery, because every dollar and every hand reaching out is an opportunity to go deeper where you’re at and never go alone.

We think it’s WORTH THE RISK to talk to someone you look up to who MIGHT BE trustworthy in the hopes that you can find healing and hope again.

LOOK for those men and women who light the way out of darkness... and you will find fellowship instead of fear.


& We have come to know that the trust built to go deep isn’t built over an obligatory coffee. Or on a lunch break. Or watching football together in silence. 

Trust is built in the great outdoors. In real life. Not in a vacuum.

You CAN’T fight it alone, you CAN find fellowship and you CAN learn to light the way for others.

Here’s the thing. We think being extraordinary looks a lot like vulnerability. A lot like service. A lot like being honest, steadfast, consistent and true. Those are the virtues that light up the dark.


Statistically, men have never had fewer friends…

Less close friends

According to a recent survey, the % of men with at least six close friends has fallen by half since 1990, and men today are 5X more likely to say they don’t even have a single close friend than they were thirty years ago.

Suicide among men 3.6x higher

The rate of suicide is highest in middle-aged white men; In 2019, men died by suicide 3.63x as often as women; On average, there are 130 suicides per day.