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New Patent-pending ruck weight made in the 🇺🇸

Ruck Talk Slack App

Ruck-Talk Slack App

Ever feel like there's something on your heart that you want to share but you don't have the words for it?


This free Slack app, once installed, sends prompts for your circle of trust directly to your slack workspace in a channel called "ruck-talk" that anyone can join.

These "prompts" will be topics, stories and events shared in 2 paragraphs or less to help you go deeper where you're at, and never go alone.

The idea came from the hundreds of hours of fellowship we get every year on our hikes and rucks, which stir up vulnerability and allow us to support someone grieving, celebrating or just going through the motions.

We package up these truth bombs and nuggets of wisdom in pithy paragraphs for you to chew on. Reach out if you want your hard-won lessons to be considered and shared across other channels who don't just speak your language, they want to "ruck talk."

Get prompts for your circle of trust sent directly to your slack channel to go deeper where you’re at and never go alone!

^^ Full Archive of the Truth Bombs & Prompts that have been sent to Ruck Talk subscribers