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American Ruck

Glow Zipper Pull & Dog Collar Charms

Glow Zipper Pull & Dog Collar Charms

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.7”x1.3”x.2” (18.5mm x 33.8mm x 5mm)

The rugged little brother to our American Flag Glow Patches. Made in the USA (TX)!

Simply charge them up with a light source (sun=best, LED=second, high lumen flashlights=third), and they glow in the dark for hours visible to the naked eye.

Perfect to toss a paracord on them and tie on your gear or add a ring for a zipper pull or keychain. You can even throw it on a dog collar as a glow charm and never have to use a glow-stick around their neck for evening bark park adventures :)

Great backup if you don’t have a light source and need some illumination in a pinch. If you going all tacti-cool, maybe the bioluminescence will give you away. :) But for most applications, our Glow Zipper Pull in the shape of freedom will be your new best friend.


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